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Mackyclyde is a freelance SEO company in the heart of Malaysia that offers quality and affordable SEO services coupled with top notch content creation.

Our Search engine optimization (SEO) Strategy are formulated by bunch of enthusiastic and passionate individuals who have more than 5 years of  hands on experience optimizing for  Google and Bing search engine.

As an SEO, we derive joy working to get your website ranked on the first page of search engine result pages (SERP). Not only have we ranked websites on first page of Google SERP, we  have been able to obtain featured snippets for tables and lists.



We offer SEO services ranging from on-site, off-site and technical SEO that can be tailored to meet your business goals, after we run a full SEO website audit.

Our SEO pricing & packages are affordable for all business sizes.


Pro tip: Local SEO Strategy

If your business is targeting customers in Malaysia or even more narrow audience, like a city or province. You will expect customers to search for keywords like content creation company in Malaysia, SEO expert kl or  Grocery delivery in Bangsar.

If your business fits this profile, then you will need our help to formulate and execute a local SEO strategy for YOU.

One of the first essential step towards that, will be creating a Google My Business account for free. So when people search for those relevant location based keywords, your business will show up on SERP under the map section. Having a Google My Business listing show Google that you are a trustworthy business which contributes to Google’s Expertise Authoritative Trustworthy (E-A-T).

We have optimized more than 35 businesses for local SEO and know what needs to be done to achieve the desired result.


Sold yet? Let’s run an audit on your website today and show you the potential wins we can achieve together. Plus, our affordable SEO pricing makes it worth your while.

SEO Services

We offer a range of SEO consultation & implementation services with focus on On-page, Technical, Local SEO and content creation strategies.

SEO is not rocket science and just requires dedication and experience to do it the right way – White Hat SEO, which is the technique we use.

As an experienced freelance SEO, we have encountered SEO agencies that use black hat SEO techniques to rank their clients. This approach might work short term, but you can just as easily get a penalty from Google and your ranking will tank long term. Nonetheless, there are tons of SEO in Malaysia that follow the right standards.


Ranking on SERP

Google has more than 200 signals used to rank website and that list is always updated, with more signals or change in weightage.

We can’t guarantee a position one ranking on search engine result page (SERP) for keywords, but we can guarantee a steady improvement in visibility and gradual increase in organic traffic with our well thought out SEO strategy tailored for your business.

Some insights to determine how competitive it can be to rank gain a good keyword ranking.

  • SERP data
  • Competitors in the space
  • Keyword Competition
  • Geographical Targeting
  • Search Intent (transactional, navigational e.t.c)

If someone hasn’t checked these and more, but easy to tell you they can rank you on page one. RUN!!!

Typical first month of SEO services with us would look like this –

  • Technical audit to find out how your website setup might be holding you back.
  • On page audit to determine if you are using the right keyword and content structure.
  • Backlink audit to ensure you don’t have links that might end up getting you a penalty from Google.
  • In-depth keyword research to uncover content gap we can capitalise on.
  • Competitor Analysis to get you well ahead of the competition.
  • Proper performance tracking setup ( Google Search console, Google Analytics and other SEO tools we use ), so we can quantify ROI.
  • Strategy and planning.

We constantly strive to become the best freelance SEO in Malaysia by staying up to date with all the Google core and search updates.

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Let’s work on getting you the ranking and visibility your business deserves. You can choose to work with us or with other agencies, just don’t choose to ignore SEO.

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